Paul E Sexton, Poetry




Up ahead I spot
a person on the sidewalk wearing
a brown flannel shirt. Its
getting kind of cold and
I can see him, or her walking

with a weird up and down
right to left, side to side
BA-dump BA-dump motion.
Swinging the arms a bit much, but
what is it with the head it
doesnt seem to match the
rhythm. It seems to move with

its white ball cap, almost
of its own accord as if it
were attached to a long springy
slinky thing. Shit,
its freaking me out that bobbing head.
It seems to foretell death in

some stupid gothic comic Bizzaro manner but
as I come upon him,
what seemed to be the head turns out to be
a slightly taller second persons head that
is visible walking directly behind the first,
bobbing left while the first bobs right.

Not a harbinger of death at all,
just two goofy average
BI-pedal humanoids
walking down the sidewalk