Paul E Sexton, Poetry
Deep Ellum Sunrise


We were swept up,
like tales of timeless romance.
From crowded festival sidewalk scene
into back alley parking lot dreams.
Where we found our cars
parked side by side.
Where we found
that the simple touch of skin on skin
could create synaptic explosion.
Where we found
that when certain people
look long into each others eyes
not a million spoken words
not a million written sentences
can say as much.

Even as a Buddhist
the notion of past lives
was never completely real to me
until now that is
because I must have known you
somewhere, sometime before.

That strange blue light
that made red roses seem purple
radiating through wide open window
in cozy little candle lit resteraunt
captured your silky smooth skin
and sexy soft moist eyes
frozen in time
like stop motion flashbulb imagery,
forever remembered
like the great beauties of antiquity.
Like Gwenivere, Cleopatria or Helen of Troy
here you were in the flesh
in front of me
all they were and more.

You have the primal energy
of a sensual exciting young girl
and the substance, grace, and soul
of an independent, somewhat balanced, woman
You are my fantasies realized.

I am excited by the sound of your voice,
the touch of your skin, the smell of your hair,
the look in your eyes, the feel of your lips
the expressions on your face
the words that you speak
the feelings you feel
the thoughts that you think
the pure energy that flows from you
and pours in to me!
I am completely and overwhelmingly
excited by you.
You are day by day by night by night
by moment by moment, new life.

When Im with you, there is no future.
When Im with you there is no past.
Only the here
only the now
only the us,
and it FEELS like enough.

And still
the image of that first night
that first magic night
is haunting.

Standing by parked car at 6:00 am
chilly wind blowing
through silent abandoned streets
and our EMBRACE
seemed timeless.
I reached out and touched your face
so very gently
and tilted you toward the light
of a mystic DEEP ELLUM sunrise
and in that pale blue light I saw
one thousand
unwritten poems
in your eyes.