Paul E Sexton, Poetry

Poets and Prophets

Its not that I want
to be a poet,
Id rather be a prophet
proclaiming the way.

Only Im not likable enough
to generate any type of flock.
See, people dont follow truth,
they follow a leader
a man who wants to lead,
not a bitter cynical man.

If only I could lead the world
away from the corrupt institutions
of our culture
out of the stagnant decaying dogmas
and economic paradigms
which bind us
in their stranglehold.

But I cant seem to show myself the way.
Who would believe
in one who no longer believes
in himself
or anything else
for that matter.

Im no man of action.
Im no man of faith.
Im no man of limitless love.
Im no martyr.
Im no saint.

In fact,
the likelihood of me
doing anything truly worthwhile
seems pretty slim,
and I barely inspire those around me
or myself,
much less a revolution.

All I have is a truth.
A stinking truth.
A festering truth.
A damning truth.

This is why I shall remain a poet,
and nothing more.