Paul E Sexton, Poetry


Black September


At age nineteen
the sweetest thing
youve ever seen.
It was her birthday,
and the free lunch at Denneys
wasnt quite finished.
And September was warm.
And her smile was warm.
And the Black knitted
spiderweb patterned outfit
that hugged her form
so snugly,
suggested nineteen
suggested September
suggested life.
" See ya later sweetie"
" I love you"
with a pleasant hug goodbye.

Henry Harvey Saint,
of Dallas, thirty something,
pickup truck, suspected D.W.I.
Baylor Hospital, Volkswagen
Ms. Dobson, passenger.
Ms. Dobson, of Arlington
Ms. Dobson, instantly
something a.m.

September turned black
ALL Septembers turned black.
Black print on yellowing clipping
conjures images of black clad
shell shocked mourners,
now slightly less immortal
asking why.

So many drunken nights spent crying.
So many drunken nights spent driving.
Seeking deaths embrace.
Seeking solace in shadows.
Remembering black clad smiles.
Remembering sweetest words.
Remembering hugs goodbye.
Remembering unspoken words of love.
Remembering nineteen.
Remembering nineteen.
and again.