Paul E Sexton, Poetry



Its about power.
Its about control.
Its about manipulation.
Its about how those in power
maintain control
by creating a need for consumable products
thereby generating wealth
the result of which is power
which is maintained by manipulation,
its a cycle.

Its about a proliferation of medication
and drug company encouraged
antibiotic blanket diagnosis and
sweet sugar carbohydrate consumables.

Its about hey kids, aint it cool
to consume alcohol and tobacco,
and be like everyone else.

Its about illegal imported mass marketed
opiates, that nip in the bud
each generations revolutions.

Its about Aspartame,
which can induce anxiety and depression
the treatment of which is
unproven psycho interactive medicines.

There is a pattern.

Its about being shut up
manipulated and medicated,
maintaining the status quo.

It about welcome to school kid
where we promote conformity
and the molding an individuals self-esteem,
linking it inevitably to what job is performed.

We teach that a person is not a person
a person is a function, a perception,
both consumer and consumed,
a means to an end.

Meanwhile, world events
appear for our consumption on our televisions
offering up good verses evil
where crisis-reaction-solution
equals pre-planned results
at the expense of freedom.

What freedom?
They want you overweight.
They want you overmedicated.
They want you overindulged.
They want you over stimulated.
They want you over worked.
They want you overwhelmed.
They want you consuming,
over and over and over.

Consuming their products.
Consuming their ideas.
Consuming their dogmas.
Consuming their truth.
Consuming your time.

You see, its your consumption,
your belief in the process
that keeps them in power.
Those hidden few.
Those that crave the power
acquired through wealth,
maintained by manipulation.
Its a cycle.

Everything is a cycle,
but freedom,
true freedom,
is demanding the power
to choose.